Dental Implants can provide a great solution for missing teeth

Sample Case 1: 2 Missing back teeth replaced by 2 dental implants

This lady Lost her lower back teeth due to decay and infection.

She found her chewing ability has been affected.

Treatment options were: Do nothing, or Partial Denture, or Dental implants.

She requested to have dental implants.

After careful clinical assessment and C-T scan analysis, she has enough bone volume to place implants without any need of bone graft.

The entire course of treatment took ~4 months for this case.


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Sample Case 2:  Implant replacement for a missing front tooth.

The gentleman fractured his front tooth completely due to an accident.

The tooth was unsavable and was extracted.

Treatment options available were: Partial denture, or a Bridge, or a Dental Implant.

The gentleman requested to have a dental implant to replace the missing front tooth.

After careful clinical and C-T scan assessment, a dental implant was surgically placed and GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) procedure performed to augment the bone defect.

The entire course of treatment took ~9 months for this particular case

22 before BEFORE

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Sample Case 3: Missing 4 Lower back teeth replaced 4 Dental implants 

This Gentleman lost his back teeth due to periodontal disease.

He was wearing a lower partial denture for the missing 4 teeth but found it uncomfortable and inconvenient. Therefore, he requested to have dental implants as a solution.

After clinical and C.T scan assessment. We proceeded to place 4 dental implants and subsequently inserted a 4 unit bridge supported by the implants.

The entire course of treatment took ~4.5 months.






"Any surgical, invasive or irriversible procedures carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner."